Saturday, July 5, 2014

Start of Monsoon

A few things have happened since my last post, had a bad wind storm that took down my wind generator and broke the blades. The problem was i wasn't deep enough in the ground and it up rooted it like a tree.

The new blades installed and a deeper hole dug now the gen is flying once more!!
The summer monsoon is finally getting started, we got over a 1/2 inch of rain yesterday
 The wife's new solar powered clothes dryer, the wind destroyed our umbrella style one.
 The garden is growing so good, we have been over run with produce, looking forward to our melons getting ripe!

 Made a new adjustable solar panel mount, works great now our panels are getting sun as soon as it raises.

 Moved everything into this little shed and shortened my wire runs all is working great now.

I am currently building a solar dehydrator and will post it as soon as it is finished. Also we are planning on building a greenhouse at the end of the month. Also in the works is a wood gasifier to run a 7kw onan generator, this unit will be used to run the well pump and be our back up power for the homestead. 

Also we have some Black Jersey Gaint chicken eggs coming for the incubator, we are going to start raising some meat birds, The Jersey's can reach 14 pounds, some people call them the poor man's turkey.

Stay tuned a lot of neat stuff coming soon!!

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