Friday, September 27, 2013

That is what you call an RV Clark

Our neighbors no longer wanted there camper so they gave it to us for free and even free delivery!!!
Its not in bad shape just needs a major cleaning and some minor repair is all. Overall its sound. Everything works also even the fridge, which is a bonus! Yes that is a swamp cooler on the top in the front, im going to take it off and use in our house :) The a/c works in the camper.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How To Hang Up A Backhoe

Well our well driller thought he would help us out from where i had the truck stuck and fix the ground, Now we have a buried backhoe in the yard. Also our first tarantula of the year was on the porch this evening, this one is different then all the sun tarantula's we had last year, its all a grayish black.

Non Stop Rain!!

It has been raining here since 29 june 2013 here is some flood pictures from yesterday, We have had over 2 feet of rain since it has started. See how grown up and green it is here. Showdown road is washed out as of this morning :(

This is High Lonesome Road
 This is Showdown Road
 This is the driveway
 Truck sunk  in driveway
 West side of porch
 East side of porch