Monday, March 25, 2013

Homestead Update

The well is a little slow going, he hit river sand at 12 feet and it was over 60 feet deep before he got out of it, he had to add alot of benoite to his drill water to shore up the well walls so he could drill. He thinks we will hit water tomorrow he is down to 115 foot and in rock. He is going to take the well down to 250 feet.

We added 3 sheep to our homestead as well the young one is 5 months old and we will be butchering him in about 3 months, The ram and ewe is our pair for breeding.

Also got my water line in and buried, i took it down 3 feet so if it freeze's i can safely assume we are in an ice age lol.

And finally we have part of the garden in and we had a good winter crop as well.

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