Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog Catch Up, All Sort's of Good Stuff!!

Today I'm playing catch up on the blog, Saturday we had our solar charge controller short out and caught on fire, My new one shipped today from Northern Arizona Wind & Solar, should have it by Wednesday. Found the problem with my wind generator charge controller, there was 10 missed solder joints on the controller, i solder them and now it works fine, what piss poor craftsmanship from GUDCRAFT, they would not honor there product so i suggest not to purchase from them.

The weather here has been windy, cold and snowy. We celebrated Jack's 8th birthday here on the homestead, he got a lever action BB rifle, he really likes it.

The winter garden has been doing really good despite the sub freezing temperatures, we been eating greens, and onions from the garden. The cabbage heads are formed and growing.

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